It`s getting dark and cold
leaves are sliding on my road
walking throw the night
small lightning wishes on the sky
go uppon a bridge, the water flows
got a feeling i can`t discribe
my body goes electric, feels so warm
there are no fears, today i trust in live
all the pasts, all the futures and it brings
 but i am now
I feel like a ghost
i can walk through walls
where you run into everytime
go your own way and climb
i feel like a sailingship you are the wind the director
but i will break my pylon dive deep down
down where you laying
down where you dream
down where you scream
show me whats going on deep down
show me who you really are deep down
i feel like your body connected to your brain
warm and addicted
but i can do what i want
A bad voice on your mind
you know who i am
maybe a reflection of yourself
i can feel you can you feel it too
and my eyes inked with colours of the night
and i am to tired to explain myself
everyday and night
i can feel you can you feel it too
is it possible that you love yourself a little more
than it could be you have no use to move your bad tongue who is connectet to your damaged soul
we love you follow to
 look at the river see my soul flowing by
touching your roots
you are the tree where the sun does ever shine
where i ever can flow by
some are shining in the sun
some are deep down under the ground
the one to stroke and the one you hide
 lose control and fly
detach your roots when the wind blows too strong
while you are forced to grow high
take a ride by my side
do you wear this mask to look into the mirror
do you wear this mask to get some love
why you are talking so much
are you afraid of silence
then maybe there`s nothing
only you - just you
don`t look away from what you really are
whats your range
you are just what you feel
or maybe a mask who feels like
what you think you should be
or what you want to be
or what they love
what you except to be
or what they adore
or what you adore
 you are at the right place
by the nature but it`s wrong
why you are here
with guns you be a creature
and at home you live in fear
little soldier you think You`re so tall
all i see in you is so small
thanks that i can be at your show
the world is much bigger than you know
so grow
on the TV i see people dying
all you see is witch tank stands behind
when i feel the wind on my skin
you ask how the bombs fly in it
when i search for wonderfull places
you search for targets to destroy
Sitting on a stone waiting for this moment
waiting here alone
lonelyness is a present only you can give to yourself
sitting here alone waiting for this moment
then the sun is rising and i can feel the warmth on my face
all i hear is the sound of the nature
around me surrounds me
all for what i live is so easy to get
all for what i live is`nt expensive, you said
then the sun is rising and i can feel the warmth on my face
all i hear is the sound of the nature
around me surrounds me
the birds flying in the sky the colours of the clouds
makes me cry
Think about it everyday
what could they say about you
whats about your life why could they lie so much
but they do
all that what happened is past and you can`t change it
all that what lays on our shoulders
no one knows our stories
no one knows our past
don`t try to change this things or they will change you
change it in your mind or they will kill you
no one is better than you
everyone make mistakes
you teached me all your games
i`d reached the top of blame
all whats left, all these fights
only you can win
because you create this games
and the rules, you can change
i am leaving
 without you like i want
I don´t wanna close my eyes everyday
i go outside and all i see is rain
not from heaven, from our sorrws
all we did we have created
see some friends of mine they´ve grown
old see some sorrows we create
i don´t wanna life in a cage anymore
i´d created for myself
i am the one who has to break
but we open for a while and but something in it
i don´t wanna close my eyes theres nothing to regret
we created for ourselves
leave behind and close
I´d thought that i have to live with all everyday
i´d thought that i have to be the hero in your game
that´s poison for my roots again and again
i´m a human for my own on my way, my way full with love and hate
so do me wrong if you not feel the same again and again
all my wounds i´d felt to late and all whats left was hate
i hated myself
it takes control of me
i am my faults they are parts of me
i am so white i am so black
i am my past it´s a part of me
i can forgive but not forget
don´t tell what i am
don´t tell me what i feel
don´t tell me what is real
don´t tell me who i am
we are lying here, sharing memories
consealment surrounds us
it`s a gift for now
don`t confound it with reality
a shortcut to a cloud you don`t feel without
find yourself, taste it real
now i know we can feel it sober
don`t see me like your hero
i`m not a preacher too
i just walked some ways
some time ago too
between the lines, i don`t know
if i should let you run alone
run to confound, bound to run
bound to open or turn off your light

i feel time is running
it seems you wanna run faster
i see everything slowly
but i can not see you while you sitting here
time is running faster
and you are not here
All the possibilities we have in this modern life
all the places we could reach
but all we do is thinking in between this fucking lines
all the possibilities we have in this speed of time
running faster go, go, go while they are dying slow
take care about your fancy life
don`t know how long you will have
clean your screwd shoes
and say theres nothing we can do
who can say whats right or wrong
who knows the truth
all i know is the system only works for you
take care about your fancy lie
don`t know when they have enough
enough of nothing and nothing to lose
and there is nothing you can do
 isolation - ignorance